This is my latest project.

These rose plants were given to me by my father. They are of different varieties. The white is a climbing rose, while the orange appears to be a hybrid tea rose.

 I had a lot of problems maintaining them at first. I had to prune them back quite often as they would get very tall. Due to the regular pruning there were not many blooms. I also had a lot of the canes dying, and so I would have to prune the bushes back even more vigorously. 

I checked websites to see what I was doing wrong, and they all made it look so easy. I would see these fabulous pictures of rose bushes, and how to prune them to get the best blooms. "I just could not do it." So I finally concluded that roses were not my expertise. I just gave up and left the rose bushes on their own.

Some time ago a friend brought these aluminium structures that were being discarded. I had them at the back of my home for some time until I got the idea to use them as a trellis for my roses.

As you can see from these photos the plants are doing fantastic. The aluminium does not heat up in the sun so it does not scorch the plants. The plants are in rectangular pots (plastic troughs) which I placed along my concrete driveway. The area is partially covered but they get plenty of sunlight. They have to be watered regularly and I feed them once every 3 weeks. I am using a combination of two mixed NPK fertilizers: a 12:12:17+2 and a 12:24:12 for root and flower development.

Now I do not prune the plants much. I just allow the canes to grow wild on the trellis.

Can't wait for the trellis to be totally filled in. 

 Let me know what you think of my project.