What will you need to construct your grow box?

Before you begin constructing your grow box you should get prepared by having all the necessary tools, equipment and materials you will require. Following are some of the basic things that are necessary.

 ✓ Spirit Level
✓ Hammer
✓  Square
Tape measure
✓  String/twine

Wooden stakes

 Metal stakes can also be used. 
The stakes should be approximately 3 feet long and be sturdy enough so that they do not move when the string is tied to them.

✓ Wheel Barrow

 Having a wheel barrow will make it easier to transport the heavier materials like the concrete blocks, especially if the blocks are located a far distance from where your grow box is being constructed.  The wheel barrow will also allow you to transport a larger number of blocks in a single trip. However the blocks can be carried by hand but it may just take you a longer time to complete the task. 
(Please be careful with back injuries when lifting and transporting)

✓ Concrete Foundation Blocks
     (6 x 8 x 16 inches)
     ( 15 x 20 x 40 cm)

The reason for choosing this size of concrete blocks is because the cores (centers) of the blocks are large. These holes can be filled with growing media which will accommodate smaller plants. 
Always keep in mind the idea of grow box farming is to be able to grow a large quantity of crops in a relatively small area.

✓ Plastic Sheeting

(can be either construction platic or landscaping plastic sheeting)

Plastic sheeting is required ONLY if your grow box is being constructed on a soil/dirt surface. 
The plastic is used as a protective barrier and will prevent weeds from germinating and growing into the grow box. It will also prevent water and nutrients (fertilizers) from being lost to the soil below