Jan 19, 2015

Glossary of Gardening Terms

Fibrous pulp that remains after sugar cane has been crushed and the juice extracted.

Growing Medium
Anything a plant can grow in is considered a growing medium.

Garden Nursery
A place where seedlings are produced.

A type of commercial potting soil.

Rice hulls
Hard protective outer covering of the rice grain.

Saw dust
Powdery particles of wood produced during sawing.

Soilless Growing medium
Any growing medium that is NOT dirt or field soil.

Soil is saturated, flooded or filled with water. Occurs when soil is poorly drained.

Pre-plant Fertilizer
Fertilizers are applied to the soilless growing medium prior to planting.

A soil additive which neutralizes acids in the growing medium and soils. It is made from crushed limestone or chalk. The two most common types of limestone are calcitic limestone (calcium carbonate) and dolomitic limestone ( a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate).