May 29, 2016


The fibrous pulp that remains after sugar cane has been crushed and the juice extracted.

A plant such as a vegetable, fruit or cereal, grown to be harvested as food or livestock feed or any other economic purpose.

Garden Nursery
A place where seedlings are produced.

Grow Box

A partially or completely enclosed system for growing plants both indoors and outdoors. It is used in areas small areas or where outdoor gardening space is lacking. It is used for growing vegetables and herbs.

Growing Medium
Anything a plant can grow in is considered a growing medium.

A soil additive which neutralizes acids in the growing medium and soils. It is made from crushed limestone or chalk. The two most common types of limestone are calcitic limestone (calcium carbonate) and dolomitic limestone ( a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate).

A soil containing a mixture of sand, silt and, clay.

Pre-plant Fertilizer
Fertilizers are applied to the soilless growing medium prior to planting.

A type of commercial potting soil.

Rice hulls
The hard protective outer covering of the rice grain.

Powdery particles of wood produced during sawing.

Seed Box
A box (container) for growing seeds till they are ready to be transplanted. It is used for sowing seeds that are very small and delicate.

Short term crop
Any crop that has a production period of one year or less, from seed stage to harvesting.

Soilless Growing medium
Any growing medium that is NOT dirt or field soil.

The process of planting seeds.

Thinning Out
In agriculture, it means the removal of some plants to make room for other plants to grow successfully. This process is essential for healthy plant growth.


A situation where the soil is saturated, flooded or filled with water. Occurs when the soil is poorly drained.